VOXAPOD: There’s No Going Back to Tampons

I’ve been active my entire life, and every month, I dread trying to manage my period. Tampons and pads are often uncomfortable and have failed to give me peace of mind––and let me tell you, nothing kills a good run or busy day like the fear of leaking or smelling (gross). Periods, in general, have been a real hassle to deal with, and I’ve always felt like there’s got to be a better way.

On the lookout for a solution, I kept coming across menstrual cups––which, if I’m being honest, kinda freaked me out.

But there were upsides as well, like the eco-friendly element and saving money every month. 

Looking around at the various options, I was definitely overwhelmed. What size menstrual cup should I get and what features should I look for? Will it get stuck inside of me? How does a period cup  this even work? Needless to say, I had a lot of questions. 

Musing about my concerns to a close girlfriend, she opened up to me about using a period cup for years and her own journey to find the right one, which ultimately led me to VOXAPOD. She sang the praises of no longer worrying about leaks or having to change her tampon every few hours and explained that VOXAPOD is so comfortable, she often forgets she’s wearing it. With a nervous smile, I told her I would think about it.

Taking a look at VOXAPOD’s site, I immediately took note of a review by a runner who said it was the best menstrual cup for athletes, along with countless other women who were singing VOXAPOD’s praises. Maybe I’d actually found the answer to my period woes.

Another selling point was VOXAPOD’s ethos, which focuses on decreasing period stigma, creating an eco-friendly product, and supporting girls in developing countries so their gender isn’t a hindrance to success (nothing tugs at my heartstrings like female empowerment). 


First Impressions: Intimidated but Hopeful

Opening up my VOXAPOD packaging, I looked over the two cups I would soon be intimately acquainted with. My first thought upon taking them in was, “And this is supposed to fit inside me?” According to my Google research, this is a common concern. Luckily, VOXAPOD includes a handy (and detailed) Care Guide along with an extensive FAQ list on their website to address concerns and walk you through the step-by-step process of how to use and care for your menstrual cup. They even have menstrual cup tips for beginners––like how far to insert a menstrual cup, removal tricks, and best menstrual cup folds. I’d also suggest taking a look at their sizing guide to figure out which would be a better fit––they have options for normal to light periods, as well as a high capacity cup for your heavy flow days. Overall, I appreciate how educational and straightforward their approach is, talking about period care directly instead of beating around the bush about something half the population has to deal with. 

Experiences: SO Much Better Than Expected! 

VOXAPOD Dual Pack 

  • I’m gonna be honest, it took me a while to get a hang of this, y’all. The guide mentions that it might take a few cycles before you feel really comfortable with your cup, and I’d say that sounds about right. The first time inserting my VOXAPOD, it took me a few tries to find the right fold and posture to make it work. Luckily, the guide offers multiple options for both, so with some experimenting, I was able to get my cup in and settled. The guide also mentions wetting the cup before insertion to help it slide in more easily, which seemed to really make a difference. I found the C-fold worked best for me, and by the end of my first cycle with it, I was feeling much more confident about putting it in and taking it out. 

  • As for the feel of it, I was surprised by how comfortable it is. I was convinced it would be at the forefront of my mind throughout the day, but I hardly even noticed it. The best part is that I feel carefree on my daily runs and reassured against any mishaps. Plus, it can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time (depending on your flow), so I can go almost an entire workday without even thinking about it.
  • I was initially concerned about having to change it in public, but because I can wear it for hours without worry, it’s easy to plan around. That being said, if you do ever have to change your menstrual cup in a public bathroom, VOXAPOD has some great tips and tricks for that too. Oh, and as a side note: make sure to pinch the bottom of the cup before removing it. It took me a couple of tries to remember that’s how you break  the seal––once, I did, removing it was a cinch. The stem––which I can’t even feel––is a nice change from gross tampon strings that hang out and get wet (definitely don’t miss that).

Another big upside is that VOXAPODs are made with medical-grade silicone and toxin-free unlike a lot of other period care products out there, which are often bleached! And considering how absorptive that area is, I can only imagine the long-term effects of chemicals down there (yikes!). 

Cost/Value: Serious Savings in the Long-Term

The cost of one menstrual cup is $39, lasting somewhere between 1 to 3 years––that means saving a lot of money over time. The average woman spends up to $300/year on period care, so the financial upside of a reusable cup is obvious. Plus, you get a cute little bag to store it in, which makes traveling with it easy and discrete. Equally important to the financial benefit is the peace of mind it brings, and there’s truly no putting a price on that. 

Conclusion: There’s no going back to tampons!

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of my VOXAPOD cups, there’s no turning back. I feel liberated from a lot of the period woes I’ve been struggling with since I was a teenager––like the constant fear of leaking, having to replace tampons at inconvenient times and with high frequency, and especially trying to figure out how to juggle being active while on my period. Plus, I feel good about cutting down on waste and not having to worry about putting sketchy products inside of me. 

I’ve been preaching to all my girlfriends about making the switch to VOXAPOD because other period care products just don’t cut it anymore. I’ve had to use a tampon here and there since getting my cups, and I definitely have not missed them. Making the switch to a period cup takes some adjusting, but it’s totally worth it in the end. Give it a try and experience the freedom and ease of a better way to period!