The Dirty Cookie: Delicious Treats with a Twist of Fun

My roommate’s 24th birthday is coming up, so I’ve been brainstorming fun and interactive ideas for an at-home celebration. I knew I wanted something festive and original but wasn’t quite sure what direction to take it until I came across an Instagram post of a bridal shower featuring The Dirty Cookie’s cookie shots. As a lifelong lover of cookies, I was immediately intrigued.

Taking a look at what they have to offer, I was thrilled to see they have a DIY birthday cookie shot decorating kit, which seemed like the perfect addition to the festivities. I mean, drinking booze out of a cookie shot… what better way to celebrate another year on earth?

Plus, after looking around, I realized it’s woman-owned, and y’all know I love supporting other women. I also appreciated The Dirty Cookie’s emphasis on creativity and creating a sense of community amongst their team and customers.

Since my roommate’s a dog mom, I went ahead and threw in the dog lover kit as well. And then to top it all off, I ordered a half dozen cookie shots for myself cause #treatyourself.

First Impressions: Cute & Festive Packaging

The packaging is lively and colorful, setting the tone for a cheerful experience ahead. The birthday kit features an assortment of decorations, including sprinkles (my personal fave) and other birthday-themed edible decorations. The dog kit was full of all things cute puppies (who doesn’t love that?). I couldn’t decide if I was more excited about decorating or eating them.  

Experiences: Delicious Treats with a Twist of Fun

I love variety, so this assortment of cookies hit the spot – I filled them with milk, cold brew, and even some Bailey’s when I was feeling a little daring. I’m a big chocolate chip cookie lover, so that cookie shot flavor was definitely the highlight for me, especially when paired with milk (took me right back to childhood). The texture is soft and chewy so that when I sip and bite, it’s a truly fulfilling experience. It’s bittersweet these didn’t exist when I was a kid because I would’ve been obsessed.

My roommate was thrilled upon opening her cookie shot decorating kit. She’s quite crafty, so she loved the idea of an edible DIY project for her birthday. After checking out Dirty Cookie’s blog, we decided to try out the chocolate chip cookie delight. The recipe was simple, didn’t require baking, and was fluffy and decadent without being overwhelmingly sweet or heavy.

This one got a few chuckles – it’s super presh and fitting for the dog-lover in my roomie. Pups, paws, bones – what more could you ask for? By the time we got to these cookie shots, we were ready to break into the booze and get the adult cookie shot experience started. Needless to say, we were definitely cookie drunk by the end of all of it.

Cost/Value – A Dessert + Craft in One Box  

Cookie kits are $40, which includes a half dozen cookie shots plus ample edible decorations. Considering it’s a dessert and an activity, I was down with the price. Dirty Cookie’s kits added a lot of cheer to our celebration, and you can’t put a price on that, right? All of the cookies were in great condition and super tasty.  

Takeaway – An Interactive & Tasty Addition to Any Celebration

These cookie kits were truly a bundle of fun. They offer the comfort and nostalgia of the cookie & milk dream team while tapping into my enthusiasm for decorating edible objects. 

The cookie shots were the perfect addition to our at-home celebration, adding a festive and playful spirit to the night. Plus, they’re hands down the most adorable and memorable shots I’ve ever seen. On top of that, you can fill them with whatever beverage you like, so they’re kid and adult-friendly. Cheers to that!