Teaspressa: A Fresh & Exciting Take on Traditional Drinks

I recently hosted an at-home brunch with a few girlfriends and one of them brought along the Champagne Kit from Teaspressa, which I’d never seen before and totally blew me away. The kit features a variety of Teaspressa’s signature Luxe Sugar Cubes, which instantly turned our glasses of bubbly into champagne cocktails. Beyond adding a burst of flavor, the sugar cubes were also lots of fun to watch fizz and dissolve as they transformed our drinks.    

Intrigued by this new advancement in cocktail crafting, I visited the Teaspressa site to see what other treats they had to offer. I was excited to see they have a wide variety of sugar cubes, not just for cocktails but also for lattes, such as Pumpkin Spice and White Peppermint Mocha.

I also came across their “coffee inspired teas,” which includes black, green, and herbal. Always on the lookout for an energy-boosting alternative to my coffee addiction, I was interested to see how Teaspressa held up. I’m usually less than enthused about tea because it never seems to have quite enough flavor or body to satisfy my coffee cravings, but Teaspressa describes Manhattan Black as “full and robust,” so I figured it was worth a try.

Overall, I was feeling impressed by this woman-owned business’s playful and creative approach to traditional beverage experiences, so I ordered a couple of kits and started planning my next at-home event.

First Impressions: Stylish & Sleek Packaging

The Luxe Sugar Cubes kits are packaged in sleek boxes that festively showcases the three different favors featured. Taking in the variety of offerings, the little kid in me was especially excited about the Hot Cocoa Kit, which looked like the perfect embodiment of holiday fun. I also got my frosted jar of Manhattan Black, which smelled deliciously rich.

Experiences: A Fresh & Exciting Take on Traditional Drinks

Manhattan Black

Initially skeptical of Manhattan Black’s ability to live up to the flavor and body I associate with coffee, I was pleasantly surprised by this tea’s richness and full body. I’m able to add cream to it just like a cup of coffee without it being diluted or overpowered by it. Instead of opting for coffee in the afternoons, I’ve been reaching for Manhattan Black instead, which provides a mid-day pick-me-up without affecting my sleep at night. It has a delicious and hearty flavor with hints of chocolate that nicely balances the sweet and savory notes.

Hot Cocoa Kit 

The Hot Cocoa Kit, featuring cocoa, marshmallow, and cream, offers a twist to the classic nostalgic experience. A couple of friends and I made it during a game night, and it brought us right back to childhood. It’s creamy, sweet, and rich without being overwhelming, so it’s also a nice evening treat if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me.

Champagne Kit

The Champagne Kit hits all the fruity notes with strawberry, raspberry, and peach, which I was especially excited about because I’m a big fan of bellinis. It’s literally as easy as dropping a sugar cube into a glass of champagne to premiere the star of brunch. Bonus: I added them to sparkling water and iced tea when I wasn’t trying to get boozy but wanted a tasty boost.

Holiday Kit

Featuring all the hits of the holidays, this kit includes cubes to make a Pumpkin Spice Latte, White Peppermint Mocha, or Spiced Apple Toddy. I added them to a variety of beverages, such as coffee, tea, whiskey, and rum. Each cube was packed with flavor and spiced to perfection.

Cost/Value: Reasonably Priced Artisanal Beverages

Each of the sugar cube kits is $30, but even more sugar cube flavors are available in smaller quantities for $9, so you could mix and match. Each cube can be used for one drink (except for the Hot Cocoa kit where you use all 2-3 to taste), so that’s less than $2 for an instant artisanal beverage. The Manhattan Black is $20/jar and makes 8-12 servings, so once again, about $2/drink and on-par with the cost of organic craft coffee out there.

Takeaway: A Delicious & Charming Addition to Any Get-Together

Teaspressa’s Luxe Sugar Cubes are both lovely in presentation and delicious in application. Offering an assortment of options that can be used to create cocktails, mocktails, lattes, and flavored tea, there really is something for everyone. They also couldn’t be more user-friendly considering all you do is add them to a beverage, crush up the cube, and within a matter of seconds you have a craft drink.

Beyond adding a lot of fun, zest, and flavor to life, these sugar cubes are innovative as heck – they’re unlike anything else I’ve ever used or seen before, which makes them immediate crowd-pleasers. If you’re looking to bring the fun, give the best gift, or spice up an event, Teaspressa’s a fantastic choice.