Rocketbook: The Future of Note Taking Has Arrived

The first time I saw a Rocketbook Notebook, it was in the hands of my coworker, and I was very confused. It looked like a notebook but… was it? Or at least it wasn’t like any notebook I’d ever seen before.

I like to call myself an organized mess, so when I learned Rocketbook allows you to take notes by hand and then scan them all into one place, I was intrigued. 

I’m a bit of an obsessive notetaker. I’ll use an envelope to write my grocery list, two planners to juggle professional and personal tasks, and several notebooks for random notes and thoughts among other things. I guess you could say I’m a bit paper obsessed, which doesn’t bode well for my commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. Which is why the concept behind Rocketbook resonated so much – it seemed like it might be the best of both worlds: getting to still write by hand without piles of paper waste.

I know I’m not ready to let go of taking notes by hand completely, but I also can’t stomach the environmental destruction that goes into it. Plus, as much as I love the nostalgia of old notebooks, I can’t justify the ever-growing clutter. So in true Maddie’s Picks fashion, I had to get  a few to try! 

First Impressions: Lightweight, Sleek, Feels Like Pen & Paper!

The Rocketbook Core is a fraction of the weight of a regular notebook, similar to the lightness of the rest of the products. Each of the products has the feel of your classic pen and paper experience, which was a big relief considering this was my biggest concern when I purchased them. I couldn’t help but imagine how handy all of these would’ve been when I was in college. Ready to try them out, I grabbed my phone to download the app so I’d be ready to upload whenever the time came.

Experience: The Best of Both Worlds – Traditional Handwriting Meets Digital Organization

Rocketbook Mini

  • This pocket-sized flip notebook is ideal for on-the-go. It’s perfect for grocery lists, quick notes to myself, and to-do lists. It’s easy and simple to clean, like the rest of the products, with a damp cloth.

Rocketbook Panda Planner

  • My Type A spidey senses lit up the moment I set my hands on this planner. Created as a partnership between Rocketbook and Panda Planner, it optimizes time management and productivity, which is ideal for a busy young professional like myself. It’s really helped me stay on the ball over the past month, helping me to keep my priorities straight and goal-plan like a boss.

Rocketbook App

  • Y’all, welcome to the future. The Rocketbook app allows you to take photos of your notes, transcribes them, and with their handwriting technology, then makes them searchable! Talk about genius. It’s easy and intuitive, allowing you to upload notes directly to any cloud service or drop them directly to your email, Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, and more!

Rocketbook Core

  • The size and feel of this is similar to your standard all-purpose notebook, but as I noted before, it’s much lighter and sleeker. Over the past month, I’ve been bringing this notebook to all my work meetings and then immediately uploading my notes to the cloud and then sorting them according to client and task. I’ve almost completely eliminated taking notes on real paper, and I don’t even miss it!

Rocketbook Beacons

  • These four nuggets attach to any whiteboard, converting it to a smartboard! Honestly, given how revolutionary the entire Rocketbook brand is, this is no surprise. I’ve been able to repurpose all of my old drab whiteboards into smart, scannable surfaces.


  • I got a couple of these coverings (one for the planner and another for my new notebook), and they’re super convenient. Minimalist yet handy in their design, they achieve a lot in a little. They’re sturdy enough for on-the-go and a great asset for helping me stay organized when I need to tuck a document or business card away for safekeeping.

Cost/Value: Innovation + “Endlessly Reusable” = Totally Worth It! 

It’s been a game-changer to be able to keep my notes digitally sorted, especially when it comes to work. I can take notes during a meeting and have them transcribed and uploaded directly to my drive, which has transformed my organization. Considering Rocketbook says their products are “endlessly reusable,” I’d say it’s a fair price for a product that’ll hopefully last for years to come.

Takeaway: The Future of Note Taking Has Arrived

Friends and colleagues take notice every time I whip out a Rocketbook product, and when I explain it to them, they’re both amazed and impressed, agreeing that it’s ingenious. The future is now and it looks like reusable notebooks, and since the only constant in life is change, I’m here for moving with the times. It’s only been a month, and I honestly can’t imagine going back to traditional note taking and planning! Goodbye waste and clutter, hello my minimalist, organizational dream-come-true.