Nickel Dime Syrups: Simple Yet Delicious Cocktails AND Mocktails

Summer is right around the corner, which means the season of delicious beverages, whether it’s homemade soda, mocktails, or cocktails, is upon us. 

Growing up, my mom was all about making homemade sodas, which meant concocting her own syrups. Such tasty drinks became obligatory on pool days, and for the adults, she’d throw in some liquor, creating cocktails in a snap. It made it easy to keep everyone happy and satisfied. 

I’ve dabbled with bitters on my cocktail journey but have yet to get into syrups, which have the added bonus of flavor + sugar (and let’s be real: a delicious beverage requires some sugar). 

Not quite as ambitious as my mom, I went on the lookout for companies that offered syrups with unique flavors and natural ingredients, which is how I came across Nickel Dime

Their unusual and distinct flavors immediately captivated me, and upon reading more, like that they are designed by a mixologist, 100% natural, and made in small batches, I was especially intrigued. 

After reading their Recipes page, I was sold, especially by the fact that each syrup features a 3-ingredient cocktail and mocktail. And let me tell you, I’m all about simple and easy, especially when it comes to crafting delicious beverages. 

So I ordered one of each flavor and waited. 

First Impressions: Secure Packaging, Cool Designs, Simple Recipes 

You can tell the bottles are packaged very intentionally for security and safety (I was honestly impressed). Each bottle has a unique graphic that blends a classic aesthetic with a modern twist and features a 3-ingredient recipe I’m excited to try. 

Experiences: Simple Yet Delicious Cocktails AND Mocktails

  • Crimson Smoke
    • The smoky flavor, the tartness of the cranberry, and the unique sweetness of honey gives this syrup an especially distinct flavor. The Original Crimson Smoke Cocktail is as simple as it is delicious. All it takes is mezcal or tequila and some lime juice! 
  • Caged Heat 
    • Caged Heat is flavorful and dynamic, offering a pleasant kick that balances out the sweetness. It doesn’t take much to create a delicious mocktail with this one, such as the Dry Heat, which calls for 3 simple ingredients: sparkling water, Caged Heat syrup, and a splash of lemon. The spiciness is pleasant and distinct without being dominating. 

  • Fairy Dust
    • First World Problems has become my go-to warm weather cocktail. It’s the perfect spring and summer beverage — it’s light, flavorful, and refreshing. Fairy Dust is also great with bourbon to make an old fashioned. I even throw it in iced tea to give it an extra boost of flavor!
  • Cherry Bomb
    • This has become my favorite mocktail/soda syrup, mixing it with lime and sparkling water during the day or when I’m hanging with kiddos. I appreciate that the cherry flavor doesn’t taste artificial like with other syrups I’ve tried. I’ve even added Cherry Bomb to coffee when I want some added sweetness, and it blends nicely. 

  • Bonus: Sample Pack
    • The sample pack has been perfect for traveling! I’ve taken it with me camping and on road trips so I stay cocktail and mocktail-ready no matter where I am, because delicious beverages on demand has become the standard. 

Cost/Value: Reasonable Prices for High Quality Flavors & Ingredients 

A full-size bottle of Nickel Dime is $20 and could get you anywhere from 13 to a couple of dozen servings depending on how much you use at a time. Considering the all-natural ingredients, small batch preparation, and artisanal quality, I’d say $20 is a reasonable ask for a delicious experience that only requires 2 extra ingredients! So I’m not just paying for quality and flavor but ease

Takeaway: So Simple Yet Freaking Delicious & Fun!

Nickel Dime syrups have seriously elevated my drinking life with delicious cocktails and tasty nonalcoholic beverages. And with only 3 ingredients! As you can tell, I can’t get over how simple it is to craft a delicious drink with these syrups. 

Gone are the days of paying an arm and a leg for artisanal beverages now that I can make them at home without breaking a sweat! 

Especially as the weather warms up, I’ve been enjoying getting to surprise and please my friends and family with these delicious treats. Because there’s nothing quite like laying by the pool with a delicious beverage, alcoholic or not!