Natural Stacks: A Blend of Mood-Boosting Goodness

I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise when I say the past year has been rough. Like really, really rough. The pandemic and the state of politics on top of all other typical life stressors has been hard to manage, to say the least. Which has led me to having some very real struggles with my mood. 

As a newly married woman, the last thing I want is to be a nightmare to be around, snapping at little irritations or getting short out of nowhere. But it can be hard to be pleasant when I feel overwhelmed by anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. I mean, it isn’t easy being a working professional, running my own side business, and just being a general human being right now. 

Venting to a coworker about my battle to stay positive and grounded, he introduced me to a supplement brand he said helped him get out of a slump a few months back: Natural Stacks. He explained to me that they offered natural mood boosters and were a trustworthy supplement company (unlike many out there).

photo credit: naturalstacks.com


The idea of having to take something to make me feel better initially made me kind of uncomfortable. “Was it that bad?” I asked myself. But after sitting with it, talking with some friends, and getting loads of reassurance, I realized that admitting I needed help was totally reasonable and in no way made me weak or less-than.

Anyway, inspirational talk aside, I went online to start researching Natural Stacks to see what they had to offer. Perusing the various supplements, I landed on their Serotonin Brain Food, which claims to naturally boost serotonin (a vital neurotransmitter in feeling good), which seemed like a solid place to start in getting me out of my funk. After reading the reviews, I found myself growing more and more hopeful that this just might work. So I clicked purchase and counted down the days until it arrived in the mail. 

First Impressions: A Natural Blend of Mood-Boosting Goodness

Taking a look at the bottle and doing a deep dive into reading about the ingredients, I was feeling even more hopeful that even if this Serotonin Brain Food didn’t solve my mood problems, it might at least get me back on track to finding my positive, lighthearted self. So I ate lunch, popped a couple of capsules, and kept my fingers crossed for what would come next. 

Experiences: A Slow Build of Feeling Lighter, Happier & More Stable 

I started taking Serotonin Brain Food on a Monday, hoping that it’d eventually start to work some magic and make me less reactionary to my work frustrations. I know supplements typically take a few weeks to fully kick in, but by Thursday, I started to notice that falling asleep and getting going in the morning was less of a struggle, which meant more energy throughout the day. 

By the next week, I observed I was less reactive to the little things that would previously bother me, like someone missing a deadline or my husband forgetting to put out the trash. Instead of mildly fuming for a minute, I was able to brush these things off more easily and move on with my day. I know that might sound small, but when you add all these moments up, that equals a serious load off my mind on a daily basis. I mean, who wants to spend their day getting annoyed at all the little things that don’t really matter? 

By the second week, I noted a significant decrease in my rumination and negative self-talk, finding that the voice in my head that’s perpetually worrying and criticizing had gotten much less loud and frequent. This translated to me being kinder not just to those around me but to myself, which was a huge relief after so much time beating myself up.

By the third week, I genuinely felt lighter, less weighed down by the problems and struggles of everyday life. Even my husband was commenting on how I was laughing more and complaining less, which I know means a lot to him as well. Overall, I feel… GOOD. Which isn’t to say I’m a gleeful robot without problems or concerns now or that I don’t get upset or overwhelmed anymore. But in general, life feels more manageable, and a little relief every day goes a long way over time. 

Cost/Value: Invest in Your Mental Health & The Rest Will Follow 

Serotonin Brain Food’s daily dosage ranges from 2 to 3 capsules, so a bottle lasts for about a month. This means a month’s supply comes out to about $30, which is definitely less than your typical antidepressant. And considering I spend $30 on UberEats on any given weekend night, I’d say $30/month is a reasonable ask for investing in my mental health. Especially when you consider the ripple effect it has on the rest of my life. 

NOTE: I want to take a moment to talk about supplements in general and why Natural Stacks’ transparency means so much. Supplements aren’t regulated, which means companies can claim pretty much whatever they want on a label without ever having to prove it. This leads to people throwing money away on something that may be doing absolutely nothing to help them. So kudos to Natural Stacks for leading the charge in honest, open, results-driven supplements that don’t cost buku money. 

Conclusion: A Significant Boost in Well-Being & Satisfaction 

Look, admitting I’m not doing well and asking for help is really freaking hard for me. But opening up and getting resources like Serotonin Brain Food has transformed how I relate to the world and my life. Not feeling so bogged down by stress and anxiety has freed me up to focus on things I care about, like nurturing my marriage, focusing on running, cooking more, and reaching out to friends, which in turn helps me work towards a more sustainable, holistic well-being. 

So if you’re struggling right now, or even if you feel like you’re just in a bit of a rut, you should check out Serotonin Brain Food, along with Natural Stacks other products. I’m happy and grateful to give my brain this added boost and to get to do it naturally. Because who doesn’t need a little help right now?

PSA Moment: I want to be clear that it’s important to not rely solely on supplements to regulate/boost your mood. If you find yourself suffering from chronic depression or anxiety, please seek out professional help and talk to family and friends. You’re not in this alone.