Maharindee: Simple, Potent Skincare for the Busy Woman

I’ve tried a lot of skincare routines, and the thing I struggle with most is consistency. I usually start off gung-ho and within a couple of months I’ve gone from avid daily user to getting to it “when I have time.” This usually leads to my skin pendulum-ing from radiant to rough, which is obviously far from ideal.

So, I’m always on the quest for products that’ll support my skin with the simplest approach. AKA the more goodness packed into one product, the better. I’m also inclined towards products that are botanically-dominant and minimally processed.

I have numerous yogi friends who sing the praises of Ayurveda, translated as “the science of health,” which is an ancient Indian wellness practice that’s been gaining popularity as westerners become increasingly attracted to more natural approaches to health.

I figured Ayurveda, a practice over 5,000 years old, could offer a simpler approach to skincare that wouldn’t require eight different products and a plethora of my time. Looking around at what’s out there, I came across a skincare line that pairs the wisdom of Ayurveda with another skincare trend: CBD-infused products.

Maharindee’s blending of traditional skin practices with modern CBD knowledge piqued my interest, because I’m a big believer in blending ancient wisdom with modern science.

Reading the story behind Maharindee’s name, I was delighted to learn it pays homage to the founder’s Indian heritage, representing “the independent spirit of the Maharindee woman.” I continued to read about the brand’s emphasis on female empowerment, which y’all know I’m a big advocate of, discovering they also donate to Room to Read, supporting girls’ education internationally.  

Down with this plant-based, female-empowered approach, I decided I’d give it a shot. Oh, and not to mention Maharindee’s approach to skincare is simple – two products for an easy yet (hopefully) effective skincare routine.  

First Impression: CBD + Vitabotanicals = Dynamic Skin Treatment  

The packaging is sleek, simple, and elegant. Titled “The Change Maker” and “The Believer,” these names reflect Maharindee’s ethos of empowering women inside and out. Both products feature CBD, so I’m hoping that along with nurturing my skin they’ll offer some relaxation, which I’m perpetually in need of. Maharindee emphasizes “vitabotanicals,” which are a natural approach to treating skin irritation, enhancing elasticity, and balancing oil production.

Experiences: Enriching, Hydrating, Uplifting with the Added Bonus of Relaxation    

The serum is light on the skin and blends in fluidly, providing my skin with an added layer of protection and sealing in moisture. The mélange of oils (almond, grapeseed, jojoba) is deeply nourishing without feeling greasy. My skin feels calmer soon after application and immediately smoother. CBD, known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, reduces the redness I tend to get on high-stress days, not to mention the bergamot scent is absolutely delightful. The Change Maker leaves my skin with a subtle dewy glow that’s confidence-boosting any time of day.

Applying The Believer at the end of the day is like a sigh of relief for my skin. Massaging it into my face, I can feel the stress of the day falling off, releasing tension I don’t even realize I’m holding. I can feel it profoundly moisturizing, leading to replenished skin the next morning (always a positive lift to the day). I’m a big fan of vitamin C in skin products because of its ability to combat free radicals, stimulate collagen production, and reduce the appearance of lines (take that, stress). After a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin looking markedly brighter and clearer, along with a decrease in pore size.

Cost/Value: Luxury Botanical Skincare with an Ethical & Philanthropic Approach  

Plant-based, made in small batches, cruelty free, ethically sourced and sustainably produced with the highest quality ingredients – yeah, I’d say Maharindee checks all the boxes. I appreciate Maharindee’s transparency about their production process, which conforms to organic practices, focuses on sustainable manufacturing, and is ISO certified. On top of all this, they emphasize social responsibility, donating a percentage of every order to Room to Read, which supports education for girls internationally. I’ll always opt to spend more on a conscious brand, because we shouldn’t have to sacrifice morals as consumers. With that being said, Maharindee’s products are on-par with what you can expect to spend on luxury botanical skincare with the added bonus of relaxation-inducing CBD.

Takeaway: Simple, Potent Skincare for the Busy Woman

Skincare can get complicated, which is why I appreciate companies that make it simple. Maharindee speaks of women harnessing their power – for me, this means feeling good in my skin without stressing out to try and fit in an unsustainable skincare routine. It means simple, potent, natural products that treat my skin without demanding too much of my precious time and energy. These products are perfect for a busy woman like me who doesn’t want to have to choose between productivity and self-care.

The CBD adds an added quality of relaxation, which is another bonus for those of us struggling with winding down at night (*raises hand*). After a month of use, my skin looks as though I’ve just gotten back from a weeklong spa stay: refreshed, uplifted, and radiant.