Legally Addictive: One of the Best Cookies I’ve Ever Had, Seriously

Easter baskets have been a tradition in my family since I was a little kid, and I’m not ashamed to admit that at the grand age of 23, they’re still a thing. 

The older I get, the more my parents try to up the ante on what to include in my basket, so instead of chocolate eggs, they’ll opt for more artisanal snacks. AKA the adult version of candy. 

This year, upon receiving my basket, my eyes immediately locked onto a vibrant pink bag labeled “Legally Addictive.” The name immediately intrigued me and made me chuckle, and upon further examination, I took in the description: “part cracker, all cookie.”

Hmm, it was an interesting premise and I didn’t know quite what to think, until my mom locked eyes with me and said to me, “Oh just you wait.” 

After one bite, I’m not even exaggerating when I say I was hooked. And the logic behind its name started to make sense. 

After finishing the bag within 24 hours (don’t judge me), I was ready for more. So I went online to see what else they had to offer and was excited to see Quad Squad!, which features a bag of each flavor (and you know I’m ALL about variety). 

Oh, and bonus, it turns out the company is woman-founded and owned, which is right up my alley as a conscious consumer. I’m always here for supporting the ladies! 

First Impressions: Delightfully Cute & Fun Packaging 

The pink box that the cookies come in is seriously precious and charming, setting a tone for a festive time ahead. I took a look at each bag, appreciating the cute and fun packaging, getting a sense of the different flavors. Taking a deep breath and reminding myself to take it slow and savor each bite, I ripped open my first bag to embark on the delicious times ahead. 

Experiences: 4 Distinct, Delicious Flavors (A Party in My Mouth)

Quad Squad! One of each! 

  1. Churros 
    • Inspired by the Spanish treat, this flavor offers the perfect balance of sweet  and salty with hints of cinnamon and is especially enjoyable dipped in a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Made with graham crackers, it’s the sweetest of the bunch and has a denser body than the other ones. The cinnamon flavor is delightful without being overpowering.
  2. The OG 
    • There’s something about The O.G. I can’t quite put my finger on — it’s so simple yet so freaking delicious and layered in flavor. After taking a bite, the crisp texture of the cracker gives way to the rich taste of chocolate and toffee, balanced out by a hint of sea salt. It’s genuinely perfection in a cookie. I’ve never been a huge fan of toffee because it tends to be too sweet for me, but this one is so tasty, I couldn’t get enough of it. 
  3. Everything
    • The Everything is perfect for someone who wants a bit more pizzazz as far as unusual ingredients in their cookie. The pairing of chocolate, salt, garlic, onion and sesame oddly, just works. So if you love everything bagels, this cookie was made for you. I appreciate the more dynamic nature of this cookie, taking on a more diverse flavor palette and hitting all the salty, savory and sweet notes! It pairs perfectly with cheese and beer, too.
  4. Surprise Party 
    • This is by far the cutest cookie, featuring sprinkles and packaged in a rainbow bag. I sent this one to a friend whose bachelorette party I couldn’t make, and she said everyone complimented and then DEVOURED them. There’s something about sprinkles that just screams “fun” no matter the occasion. These are similar to The O.G. with the added benefit of sprinkles, so if you have a baby shower, birthday party, or any festivity really, this cookie makes for the perfect edible delight. 

Cost/Value: An Artisanal Cookie That’s Worth It

With the Quad Squad!, each bag ends up being about $10, which is comparable to other artisanal treats out there, especially when you consider that the salted toffee is handmade and the chocolate is sustainably sourced. Not to mention the packaging is high-quality and gift worthy. Plus, I’m all about supporting a small, woman-owned business. But most importantly, it’s freaking delicious, so it’s totally worth it! You’re not going to find a store-bought cookie like this, believe me. 

Takeaway: One of the Best Cookies I’ve Ever Had, Seriously 

Beyond being a delicious treat for me, Legally Addictive has also been a great gift, hitting all the notes of fun, unique, and mouth wateringly delicious. And who doesn’t enjoy hearing, “These cookies are too good. As in I can’t put them down!” 

So whether I want to indulge or treat someone else, it’s made for a joyful experience. 

Each of the flavors is delightfully sweet without being overwhelmingly so with the perfect amount of salt to balance them out. I don’t know how they do it, but they’re making magic in that kitchen. 

All around, I’d say Legally Addictive has struck gold, because once you try these cookies, nothing else will do the trick.