Klatch Coffee: Rich, Flavorful, Fresh Coffee Conveniently Delivered 

I’ve been on a coffee journey for a couple of years now, trying to learn more about it and drink better quality coffee as opposed to the stuff that comes in a tub that my parents drank growing up.


One of the things I’ve been working towards is enjoying coffee black. As a good friend once told me, if you need to put sugar or cream in your coffee to make it taste good, you’re drinking crap coffee. Harsh, but kind of true.


Looking for higher quality coffee while also trying to figure out my personal taste has been a process — there’s SO much information and options out there, so it can get overwhelming really quick. 


My friend suggested a subscription service so that I could try out a different coffee every month and really get an idea of what strikes my fancy. After doing some research, I came across one that looked reasonably priced, ethically sourced, and meticulously roasted for flavor and freshness: Klatch Coffee

When it comes to ethical sourcing and business practices, I’m going to be honest — coffee can get quite sketchy as far as low bean quality, unsustainable practices that harm the environment, and poor treatment of workers. I was especially intrigued by Klatch because of their “Direct Trade” model, which means they work directly with farmers, ensuring fair trade and compensation practices. 


Going in with a few friends in the area, we opted for all 3 club subscriptions to get a wide variety of tastes, varieties, and styles. 


First Impressions: Delicious Smells, Conveniently Labeled Packaging 

The packaging is clean and vibrant, clearly outlining the roast type and flavor notes. Taking a whiff, the smells are immediately pleasing to the senses and borderline intoxicating. I pulled up their brewing guides to see how to best brew coffee with my pour-over and eager to try my first bag, opted for an afternoon coffee. 

Experiences: Rich, Flavorful, Fresh Coffee Conveniently Delivered 

  • Roaster’s Choice Blend
    • The blends have been consistently full-bodied, balanced, and extremely smooth. As a recent black coffee drinker, they strike a nice balance of subtle and light yet rich and pleasant. They’re especially enjoyable in the morning as my starter cup of coffee. This subscription works nicely for someone like me who doesn’t have the most sophisticated coffee palette and wants an intro to fancier coffee. The flavor is rich and robust without being overpowering. It makes me think of a nice red blend when you first start drinking wine — it’s an easy crowd-pleaser, all-around pleasant, and generally delicious. 
  • Barista’s Choice Espresso 
    • I don’t drink much espresso at home, so this was a new one for me. My friend has a nice espresso machine at her place, so we’ve been going to hers to pull shots, and boy, talk about a decadent coffee experience bursting with flavor. My friend who’s an espresso connoisseur says it’s some of the best she’s ever had and that she can taste the difference due to their “Peak of Flavor” roasting. The flavor is so delicious and luxuriously rich that although I personally take it with a splash of milk, my friends who drink it straight say it’s perfect by itself. 

  • Brewer’s Choice Single Origin 
    • I use a pour-over at home, and the single origin coffees have been the star with this method. I’d say my ability to fully taste and appreciate a good cup of coffee has blossomed as I continue to engage with Klatch’s single origin coffees. They’re so dynamic, I can feel them evolve with each sip as different taste buds are activated by their bold and dynamic flavors. And as I continue to develop my palette, I’m getting a better sense of what notes, roasts, and regions I prefer so I can better curate what I want each month. 

Cost/Value: Reasonable Prices, Incredible Coffee, Free Shipping

Klatch is on par in cost with my local craft coffee options if not even more affordable in certain ways. First off, there’s the convenience of having it delivered right to my door as opposed to making the trip to my local roaster. And even when compared with local options, Klatch seems to excel in quality, roasting, and their commitment to responsible environmental practices. Plus, I get to try a different variety of top-quality beans every month, introducing me to new flavors, regions, and roasts. 

Takeaway: Top Quality Coffee Roasted for Maximum Flavor + A Commitment to Fair Trade

Delicious coffee has become a daily treat through Klatch, adding extra joy and excitement to my everyday. The care and consideration given to every step of the harvesting to roasting process can be tasted with each cup, and when executed according to their brewing guidelines, I get a fantastic cup of coffee every time. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

Klatch has expanded my horizons and opened up my palette to fresh possibilities, allowing me to explore the world of coffee with renewed interest. Every month has been a burst of flavor and discovery as I continue to develop a sense of my coffee preferences, along with an ever-increasing appreciation of great coffee. It’s been such a treat looking forward to new coffee every month without the hassle of seeking it out, knowing it’ll be delivered conveniently to my door right when I need it. 


Whether you’re starting on your craft coffee journey or a longtime coffee lover, I’m sure Klatch has beans for you to enjoy, discover, and savor.