KENT: Underwear That’s Taking Sustainability Seriously

In the past year, I’ve undertaken a wardrobe overhaul as I try to move away from fast fashion towards more sustainable clothing brands. And let me tell you, trying to be a conscious consumer can feel like a full-time job as I try to hunt down companies that sustainably and ethically produce products. 

Evaluating my closet piece-by-piece, I’ve started with replacing basics, which has brought me to an often overlooked part of my daily clothing

— my underwear. 

After doing some research on the production of conventional underwear, I was horrified by some stark realities: the mistreatment of employees, such as unsafe working conditions or using child labor, the destructive impact on the environment, the toxic chemicals used, and the general waste of low-quality products. By the end of it, I was more than sketched out, eyeing my underwear drawer with newfound suspicion. All of these things are unfortunately typical of fast fashion, which emphasizes low cost, quick turnaround and poor quality. 

When I came across KENT underwear, I immediately connected with the fact that they emphasize both sustainable environmental practices AND ethical treatment of workers across the production chain. I want to emphasize how rare this is, because it’s totally counter to how the mainstream fashion industry does things (seriously, do a quick Google search and you’ll never be able to look at H&M the same). 

I made sure to take the Quick Fit Quiz on KENT’s website to figure out what cut and size would work best for me; upon being suggested the high-waist brief, I bought a pair and awaited the next step in my conscious consuming journey.

First Impressions: Taking Sustainability Seriously 

I knew KENT wasn’t messing around about sustainability when I opened my briefs and noticed that even the packaging is compostable! Taking them out, I took in the general feel — soft to the touch, light, yet durable. They seemed high quality but I was wondering how they’d fare after a day of wear. 

Photo credit to Bre Furlong

Experience: Comfy, Cute & Perfect for Everyday Wear

Organic Pima Cotton High-Waist Brief in Cloud: This brief has quickly become my go-to for day-to-day wear. I can’t tell y’all how refreshing it is to find a pair of cotton underwear that’s not granny panties. The material is super soft on the skin and fits my body nicely. They’re perfect on days I wear high-waisted jeans but also work nicely with non-high waisted cuts as well. 

Considering I’m used to wearing underwear that comes in value pack plastic bags, I could immediately feel the difference in quality of material and breathability. The underwear actually hugs my body and doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart and loosen after a few washes like other cotton underwear. It’s like the difference between fast food and a nice sitdown restaurant — there’s really no comparison. 

The style is simple yet cute with a flattering cut, making my tush look nice, which is always a plus. 🙂

Oh, and the elastic doesn’t dig in and leave a mark at the end of the day like my other underwear, so that’s been a welcome improvement as well. 

Along with the high-waist brief I tried, they also offer bikini cut & thong. As far as colors, they have the classic charcoal and cloud, but they also just released their botanical line of the colors, indigo, lavender and sage!

They also offer collections like “The Trio or “The Work/Full Week,” (this option saves you up to 22%) so you could opt for one of these to get all three cuts in one go.

Photo credit to Bre Furlong

Cost/Value: Investing in Quality Undies

A pair of KENT underwear costs $18, which may seem steep if you’re used to a 6-pack for $10 like me, but the whole idea behind sustainable fashion is reworking the way we think about clothes and cost. Instead of trying to get more for less, it’s about owning fewer high-quality pieces. Plus, you can actually feel the quality difference, creating a much more pleasant, luxurious and comfortable experience. 

Photo credit to Bre Furlong

Takeaway: Better for Me AND the Environment 

KENT Underwear has provided me the perfect day-to-day brief. It’s been the ideal addition to daily life, fitting comfortably and feeling super soft on the skin yet durable and breathable. Plus I feel good about doing something positive not just for myself but for the environment. 

Our biggest impact in daily life is often where we spend our money, so I’m happy to put mine towards a company that supports taking care of the planet AND the people creating the products, which are both overlooked and mistreated in the fashion industry. Plus, at the end of my year of wear, I can cut up my underwear and plant it in my garden, and like, how freaking cool is that?

BONUS: If you’ve made it this far, KENT graciously gave us 20% off this entire month if you use code MADDIE20