Jaimie Nicole: Sparkly, Cute, Everyday Luxury

I was attending a virtual baby shower recently when I saw a friendly acquaintance sporting the cutest bracelets I’d seen in a long time. She referred to it as a “Spell It Out” bracelet and told me she got it recently from a jeweler she found on Instagram. 

Immediately taken back to my childhood, I was in love with the sweet and colorful style, so I had to see what else this jeweler, Jaimie Nicole, was all about. 

Taking a look at the site, I knew immediately that I needed the LOVE initial bracelet, which was seriously too cute to pass up. Shopping around, I decided to get a little bit of everything, and considering all the sparkly goodness, I eventually had to cut myself off from buying the whole site. 

First Impressions: Sparkly, Cute, Dainty, Sweet, Elegant 

Everything is stylish and elegant. The four pieces I snagged offer a nice spectrum of casual and colorful to luxurious and sparkly. I took in each one, glittery and unique, and was ready to get the jewelry party started! 

Experiences: Beautiful Pieces for Daily Joy & Fun 

  • LOVE | Initial Bracelet + Stackables 
    • This bracelet is perfect, everything I hoped for and more. It’s so precious and reminds me of childlike joy every time I look at it, offering me a daily reminder to enjoy life and seek the lighthearted moments where I can. I’ve already gotten loads of compliments and inquiries about where I got it from. I made sure to get some stackables as well to make sure my layer game is on point. 

  • Candy Coated | Rings (yellow, purple, and green)
    • The stackable rings add a nice pop to any outfit, whether I stack them or wear them one at a time. The colors are vibrant and playful. They’re great for adding some zest to the every day or giving a look an added boost. Perfect for spring and summer vibes, my fingers are simply happier with these rings on! 

  • Gold Mrs | Script Necklace
    • As a recently married lady, I’m excited to rock this cute and elegant script necklace to celebrate my nuptials. It’s just the right size with the most precious gemstone at the end to offers a subtle sparkly accent. 

  • Frosted | Huggie Hoop Earrings
    • I’m usually not one for crystal jewelry, but this immediately caught my eye, and once it did, I couldn’t look away. I love the feeling of glitz and glam they give me every time I wear these earrings. They’ve been a great addition when I’m feeling fancy or wanna shine a bit brighter. 

Cost/Value: Everyday Luxury

Jaimie Nicole refers to her line as “everyday luxury” which means daily wearable jewelry at an accessible price made with sterling silver, 14k gold, and semi-precious stones. Each of my high-quality pieces ranges from $68 to $158. They work well as solo pieces or look great together — either way, they have me shining inside and out.

Takeaway: Have Fun, Sparkle Brighter 

Mixing and matching my Jaimie Nicole pieces has made for a fun and chic time!

From the poolside, to spring outings, to a day of errands and everything in between, this jewelry has offered everyday luxury, bringing color and vibrancy to my daily life. The style makes me think of classic elegance with a modern twist, adding some colorful zest and playful joy to the mix. 

I especially enjoy catching my LOVE bracelet on my wrist and being reminded of what matters most in life <3 All around, it’s been a joy-inducing experience.