Bésame: Luxurious Feel with a Glamorous Look 

I have a confession: my grandmother was pretty much my best friend growing up. Second confession: I’m actually quite proud of that fact. 

My grandmother has been an inspiration in many ways, but especially when it comes to fashion and style. Since I can remember, she’s been radiating glamour, even now at the youthful age of 70. (right?)

Her unapologetic style is something I’ve always admired and loved, which often includes bold colors and striking makeup. I grew up watching her apply lipstick, mascara, rouge, and all those classic beauty products that immediately made her shine. 

When I first heard about Bésame, an image of my grandmother immediately came to mind. The rich-colored lipsticks and vintage-inspired style struck a sense of elegance in me that I hadn’t encountered with makeup before. 

Plus, as someone with a soft spot for vintage, mid-century furniture, I’ve always had a bit of nostalgia for the past. So I figured a makeup line inspired by the past but crafted for the present seemed right up my alley. 

So I scrolled through the site, maybe getting a bit carried away, and ordered some products to try. 

First Impressions: Beautiful & Stunning Packaging 

I was immediately struck by the elegance of the packaging, setting the tone for a glamorous time ahead. I was honestly wondering if I should go out to find an antique vanity to display them all on. I immediately and excitedly locked myself in the bathroom to begin my makeup artist journey. 

Experiences: Luxurious Feel, Glamorous Look 


Lipstick: All of the lipsticks were incredibly easy to apply and creamy in texture with a nice subtle scent. They’re long-lasting, blend beautifully, and are incredibly rich in color. All around, they made me feel bold and beautiful, unlike any other lipstick I’ve used before, garnering me a lot of compliments on the rare occasions I’m out and about these days. 

  • Wild Orchid Lipstick
    • I really appreciate the subtle purple to this one, making it the perfect lipstick for spring. It’s a lovely bright shade with a light shimmer.
  • Magic Pink Lipstick 
    • This one tripped me out at first because although it appears blue, it goes on pink. It’s legit the cutest pink with a beautiful finish, also reminding me of spring. I appreciate that it’s a softer color than the Wild Orchid yet still bright with a bit of a sheer finish. 
  • Red Velvet Lipstick
    • This one goes on incredibly smooth, creating the most elegant look like I’ve just stepped off a 40s red carpet. It’s easily the best red lipstick I’ve ever used. The color is striking with a deep red that lasts all day. Honestly, it makes me feel powerful and glamorous, and I’m confident my grandma would approve. 

Black Cake Mascara: The application was a bit tricky at first, but after watching their YouTube tutorial, I quickly got a hang of it. The mascara gives my lashes a feathery look while keeping them soft and not weighing them down like ones out of the tube. It lasts all day but still washes off easily. Overall, it’s a gentle and delicate experience while still making my eyes pop.

Mascara Brush set: I’d suggest getting the brush set if you get the mascara, because it makes application way easier and more precise, helping with lash separation and definition. The liner brush is also fantastic. 

Rouge: Apricot Cream RougeThis is a great everyday blush. The color is gorgeous but soft. The texture is creamy, so it goes on smoothly and blends beautifully, with all-day lasting power. A little goes a long way, becoming a pretty pale peach once you buff it out. 

Skincare: First off, the jars are simply beautiful. I would suggest checking out the massage instructions to really give your face a treat. All around, I felt like I was spoiling my face with these creams. 

  • Cold Cream
    • This one easily removes a full face of makeup without drying out my skin. A little goes a long way to take makeup off in seconds without leaving a greasy feel. It absorbs quickly and has a calming effect on my skin. 
  • Vanishing Cream
    • I love the texture of this one, so smooth and deeply moisturizing. I put it on before anything else, which gives my makeup serious staying power. 
  • Day Cream
    • This cream is thick and luxurious yet lightweight on my skin, absorbing quickly and giving me all day moisture without an oily feel. It feels great, making my skin feel soft and look refreshed. 
  • Night Cream
    • This is the best way to end the day, giving my skin a silky smooth feel with deep hydration. 

Nail Polish: The polishes are long-lasting, beautifully rich in color, and coordinate nicely with the lipsticks. 

  • Wild Orchid Polish
    • This color is gorgeous and rich. Need I say more?
  • Red Velvet Polish
    • This has quickly become my new favorite polish with a classic retro vibe to it. It’s gorgeous and pops yet goes with everything, making me feel straight glamorous (and dare I say, sexy). 

Cost/Value: Sustainable, Clean, Luxury Products 

Compared to other luxury makeup brands out there, I’d say Bésame is quite reasonable in price. Plus, they’re committed to safe ingredients and sustainable practices, which is unfortunately still not the norm in makeup. The products feel clean and gentle while still being effective and potent. Plus, a little goes a long way, so it’s really an investment in looking and feeling great. 

Takeaway: Getting in Touch with My Glam Side & Loving It 

Overall, my experience with Bésame has been lovely. It’s allowed me to pay homage to my grandma, making me feel more connected to her and her timeless style, and in-turn, infusing me with her power and grace every time I wear one of their products. 

Plus, it’s given me the opportunity to connect with my glamorous side, which I rarely do. And let me tell you: she has appreciated getting time to shine. 

As modern working women, I think we can lose sight of feeling elegant and glamorous on the day-to-day, especially with a lot of us spending most of our days at home. But even on days I don’t go out, I’ll throw on lipstick or check out my striking nails, and it just makes me feel better. Like I’m shining a little bit brighter. 

So at the end of the day, although I very much appreciate the compliments and attention, I feel like it’s all ultimately for me. Because I deserve to feel graceful, beautiful, and powerful